Ravenna KY- Great Pyreenes In Need of Loving Home.. !

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  1. Cathy

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    SAMSON is a nine month old male pyreenes,he was turned into a shelter by his owner because they couldnt afford him anymore. He is a good boy, very loving and affectionate, he is a good assett to any farm looking for a herding dog and a loving companion.. I have pics if you would like them. I am reaching out to everyone to get this dog adopted and into a good home and out of a shelter!
    ***What i do is help find homes for shelter animals, all over the US, and try to help them escape the shelters...***

    This Great Pyr is located in :

    Shelter: Estill County Animal Shelter
    50 Ginter Road
    Ravenna, KY
    Shelter dog ID: SAMSON
    Contact tel: 606-723-3587
    Contact name: sandie clark
    Contact email: [email protected]

    Please pm me if you would like a pic!
    Thanks so much!
  2. Florida chick

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    Jan 19, 2008
    IF you call Terry they will pull him! Sorry I have my hands full at the moment or I would help. Give Terry the urgent details and I am CERTAIN they will pull him. [​IMG]

    The Florida Great Pyrenees Club (FGPC) was formed in April, 1998, as a regional club. From that original meeting, at which there were about a dozen people, we have grown to more than 200 members. We now have members from Miami to Tallahassee!

    Our primary goals are:
    (1) to maintain and further the integrity of the breed;
    (2) to hold regular club meetings, matches, public education, and fun activities for members;
    (3) to exchange ideas regarding care, behavior, training, health, and breeding for Pyrs; and
    (4) to be active in Great Pyrenees rescue.

    Our club became affiliated with the Great Pyrenees Club of America (GPCA) in December 1999. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit Florida corporation, and we are currently working toward formal AKC affiliation and endorsement.

    2008 Membership Application
    (Click on the link above and a printable application form will open in new window.)


    Terry Stephanick, GPCA Representative
  3. Florida chick

    Florida chick Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jan 19, 2008
  4. Cathy

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    Thanks so much for sharing this info with me... I will contact, also so you know i have had a positive inquiry on him as well, so who knows i am hoping he will have a good loving home soon and out of a shelter..
  5. Cathy

    Cathy Out Of The Brooder

    I have some good news to share, i just found out that Samson has been adopted.. I WISH SAMSON WELL and HOPE HE HAS A GREAT LIFE!
    Happy Endings do happen!

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