Ravenous Hen


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Oct 22, 2020
SE NM (desert)
So my adopted EE (OE?) just started laying. I’ve been feeding all flock because I didn’t think my pullets would start laying for another month or so since it is winter. I immediately put out oyster shell and she really gobbled it up! (Ooo yummy white rocks, mmm mmm.) But she is acting ravenous! Like she hasn’t been fed for days. There is plenty of food in the feeder. Water too. The other birds are fine and acting normal. They all get warm mash at dawn and dusk. Also scratch, fodder, mealworms, etc. She is miss bossy pants so she is not being bullied. I realize egg production is expensive in terms of calories but to this extreme? Could she be wanting/needing something I’m not giving her?

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