Raw Feeding Questions


Jan 4, 2020
Arlington, WA
Any raw feeders out there? Hoping someone might have some ideas to cut cost.

Have been raw feeding my dogs for years. Don’t think I could feed any other way. Looking for some ways to cut cost if it’s even possible. I’ve done the complete homemade diet, worked well but holy cow its time consuming when you have two mastiffs. Not counting the lab/pit bull mix and miniature Dachshund.

Has anyone found a good way to stretch premade raw food out to make it last longer? We buy a 25# box of Northwest Naturals once a week. I add chicken parts, beef parts, etc to help stretch it out. They each get an egg a day, extra juice pulp when we use the juicer, etc.

Has anyone tried raising quail, rabbit or any other meat source to supplement?
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Jul 24, 2019
Northern Ca
I don’t feed raw, but I plan to in the future. Are there any local butcher shops that would give you extra bits regularly? If they’re getting rid of them you might be able to find them for cheap or even free at some places.

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