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    Jul 21, 2015
    I have had six Rhode Island Red Chickens for almost a year and the Rock hill County official nocked on our door and asked if we have any chickens and asked to see them, not telling us if there was complaint or not but they sent us a letter saying that chickens and chicken coops are not allowed in the RC-1 district and we have to remove them within thirty days or they will charge us $470.00 a day until the violation is removed from the property. I went on the York county government website and the zoning rules were not clear because it didn't mention chickens at all. Then I went down and talked with them and with no explanation of the rules just that I could appeal the decision with the zoning board. I am asking for anyone who might know more about the laws in York County South Carolina Residential Conservation 1 zoning laws than I do, because these animals are my pets and I have grown to love my ladies.
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    Apr 24, 2015
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    So whatever happened with your chickens in the RC-1 zoned district? Were you able to keep them?
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    As I understand it (and my realtor checked this out for me) you can keep chickens in RH city limits BUT... I believe the limit is four hens (no roos) and they "cannot be kept" (their word, which I AssUMe means their coop-run area) NO CLOSER than 35 feet from any human domicile. So if you are withing those parameters you very well may have a case.

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