Rcipie.. How to boil very expensive eggs


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Mar 24, 2008
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Even Martha Stewart would say no-no , but here we go.. I posted lavender Orpington hatching eggs here only because my incubator is full and have baby chicks coming out of the wood work. I posted 20plus hatching eggs well someone won..no pay so here it is...Boil at high heat for 5 minutes ...then shut off the heat and let sit for about an hour. with lid on the pot. After 1 hour run under cool water in the sink for a few minutes....then peel. this does not work at all with fresh eggs. you can't peel fresh eggs. So very expensive eggs almost don't work either. Shame that I'm gonna make egg salad from these eggs!!!!
no pays just as bad as CL no shows! enjoy your egg salad!

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