Rcom King Suro 20 digital Incubator! Used twice!


10 Years
Jun 13, 2009
Channahon IL
Just in time for spring hatching!

I have an RCOM King Suro-20 that I purchased new about 9 mo ago from Kemp's Koops (about $530 after shipping). Maybe I'm digitally challenged, but I just couldn't get the hang of it even though I've seen rave reviews on it. I couldn't make the humidity hold. Maybe I'm not setting it right or didn't hook up the tubing for the humidity correctly? Everything seems perfectly functional (readings are accurate, pump for water works). Anyways, I figured someone else will enjoy this and know more than me!

I have all the original parts and I only did two hatchings with this unit, so it has been used very little! All original parts included.
My ignorance is your gain.

Here is a link to the site I purchased from with all the details.
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