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My chicks are three weeks old. I would like them to get used to me handling them. I have about 6 different breeds. Are so more skittish? Some I can just pick up off the perch but others are very scared of me. What is the best method to catch. Is handling them going to "tame them"? Are they like puppies that need to be socialized?
When you begin, go slow and reach in from the side at their level. Talk to them softly as you handle them. A shh-ing sound from you can calm them if they act skittish in your hand.

Yes, some breeds are very resistant to being handled, and no amount of attempted taming is going to alter those genes. But most will get used to you and tolerate you anyway as long as you can get them to trust you.

Treats do help. Use the same container every time you offer treats and the same word(s) to announce them. You can voice summon chickens this way. It's very helpful when you need them to come to you.

I like to sit on the ground in the run with them and let them come to me, climb on my legs and peck at the treats hidden in my hands. It's a great way to get them to know you and begin to trust you.

You've waited longer than most to start taming your chicks, but be patient, go slow, approach from the side at their level, and you'll make progress.

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