Re-home 2 hens, Portland, OR surrounding area


Jun 16, 2022

I used to have a small farm, but my lease ended and now I am in need of re-homing two hens. They are slightly misfits like myself!. Sparkle Moore is a Delaware. She has a dislocated toe and she might be becoming a rooster! Winona, my favorite, is a Rhode Island red. She has beaten some bouts of salpiginitus and survived . Because of this though poop builds up on her feathers and she occasionally needs to be cleaned up. Ha, the more I write the less optimistic I am. They are around 5 yrs old. They are used to free ranging and need room with grass and plants to explore and hopefully live out their lives. Any help would be greatly appreciated! They are becoming anxious and loud in their current space and need more room! I am in Portland Or but could bring them to any outside counties within an hour drive. Much thanks!


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