Re-homing my chicks


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8 Years
May 1, 2011
My chicken coop is divided into 2 sections.
On one side are my 2 New Hampshire Reds about 1 year old
On the other side are my new Houdan chicks (approx 11 weeks old) that my daughter intends to show for 4H this year.
The rooster is starting to get a little aggressive with his coop-mates and pluking out their head feathers so am wanting to re-home him to the other side of the coop in with the Reds so my daughter doesn't have to show bald Houdans.
Both the run and coop have wire seperating them so the birds have been able to see each other from the start.
Had a trial run with him there over the weekend and those girls really do not like him in there. They were not friendly at all & plucking at him
My question .... think the Reds will calm down and accept him so he doesnt' have to hide in the coop from them .. or am I going to have to build another seperate pens just for him so he doesn't pluck all the head feathers off the rest of the show birds?

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