re-integrating a healing chicken into flock


May 12, 2015
My 12 week old Australorp was limping and after seperating her from the flock she went downhill. Took her to the vet and gave her meds. She was generally all over weak. Wouldn't and couldn't stand and ended up just laying there. Would eat, drink and poop.
After anti-biotics she perked up and slowly everyday got better and better. She has been out of our coop for 10 days,now while she has been healing. She is still a bit weak, kind of limps a bit, but gets up and does her thing.
Until I put her out with my flock. They know she is weak. She sits down and doesn't move. I have 11 hens and 1 rooster her same age and they all seem to notice her acting different and all take turns pecking her. She just screams and eventually runs away from them, and if she sees me, she runs and sits on my feet. I'm afraid the rest of the flock is going to kill her when I'm not looking. How do I get her back into the coop safely? I feel like I'm coddling her too much.

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