re-introduce 6 wk old


10 Years
Jun 7, 2009
Hello, I have 6-6 wk old chicks. Two wks ago I took Molly out (she was not feeling or looking well). I didn't know what was wrong with her so I gave her Poly-Vi-Sol, yogurt and keep her away from the other 5....just in case.

She is doing great now, the other 5 did not get sick. Now I want to put her back with the other 5.....MY PROBLEM is ONE of the 5 chases her around and pecks at her...My little Molly gets so scared.

Do I just watch and see what I take M.G. (mean girl) out for a day then put her back in and see what happens? I want them to all get along...they will be going in the coop outside soon and I want them to stay as a group. Thanks
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I'm so glad your little one is doing better! I would do exactly what you just suggested--take the dominant (M.G.) out for half a day or a day, while putting the other one back in. When you put MG back in with the others, she'll be at the bottom of the pecking order and probably a lot more manageable. You can allow a little scuffling to go on--as long as you watch and make sure they don't hurt each other, and that it eventually settles out.

Good luck!

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