Re-introducing hen to their flock.

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by jessandtom, Oct 25, 2016.

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    We have 2 hens inside, completely separate from the other 2, suffering from impacted crops/egg bound and they're starting to look on the mend. We decided, that because they've only been gone 2 days, it would be best to let them spend ten minutes together under supervision, as to not forget each other. However, as soon as they were in the coop together the 2 who had been left in the coop/run started quite violently pecking at Polly, who instantly started lowering herself to the ground.
    We've still not quite figured out what the pecking order is, but can only presume the other that's been ill is top dog, so to speak, as she was left alone.

    We are now worrying about re-introducing them. I know a lot of people say to create a barrier, allow the pecking order to reform etc... but is there anything different when reintroducing 2 hens? Is it easier? Should it be done the same way as if only 1 hen had been quarantined? The 2 sick birds have been together a little and in the same room but separate crates, will there be problems between them when they are well again?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Just set up a divider for about a week, than let them mingle to see how it goes, some pecking is normal, blood being drawn or excessive pecking means you will have to separate them again. It's always best to separate them out inside the coop so you don't have troubles again. Many pecking order issues can be worked out with a fence between birds.
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    Anytime birds have to start sharing space, there will likely be issues.

    Pics and dimensions of your coop and run would help us help you figure out how best to integrate.
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    Really not a fan of separating birds from the flock, it causes more problems than it solves for me, but each do what they need to. I think I would put the two sick birds together, get them to get along, then add the pair back.

    If you can set up a barrier, you can use that to separate birds, without pulling them completely from the flock, which makes it a bit more worthwhile to set the barrier up.

    If you have any tension in the flock, it is worthwhile to have multiple feeders and waterers. It is a good idea, to have a small piece of plywood stand up in the middle of the run. Tuck a feed bowl directly behind it, so that birds at one feed station cannot see birds at the other station. Just make sure that there are two escapes, so a bird cannot get trapped in a corner.

    Measuring the set up is a good idea. Often times what was more than enough space for your bird when they were chicks, is not when they get full grown. It might have been if there are no hideouts, it was not illness, but pecking that was making your birds sick.

    Mrs K
  5. Reintroduce them as they free range...I really do not think you will run into any real issues....


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