RE: Mom is Orp, Dad is?

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Oct 14, 2010
Jefferson, Oregon
After disappearing for over a month and a half, one of my Black/Lav. split orps appeared with 3 little chicks who are now 7 weeks old. All 3 have a distinctive orpington body shape. Two are girls, one is all black (looks just like a mini mom), the other looks like a barred rock chick, thin, black and white stripes that are even around her whole body. The boy is black with the black/white striping on his chest only. All three have very dark slate coloured legs like mom, no leg feathering. The possible Dads are: BCM, WL, Del. or Lav. Ameraucana. I eventually found the Moms nest with 15 additional rotten eggs in it (talk about an overachiever!!!). All the eggs were hers as her eggs are distinctive over my other hens. Sorry, no pics. Can maybe get some tomorrow if that would help. Who's the Daddy?? I am leaning towards the Del?? Love the look of the offspring so the curiosity is killing me!!!
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I think the Delaware is most likely the daddy of all 3.
I guessing you have french BCMs because you said they don't have feathered legs, but its possible the black chick may be from a BCM, and didn't get the feathered leg gene.
If the daddy was the White Leghorn, the chicks would be white with black spotting (dominate white gene).
You said the hen is a Lav split, I would think if the daddy was the Lav Amer, you would have a lav chick, with muffs.
All my thoughts exactly
Thanks so much for the response!
The barred ones would be from the delaware roo, since he is the only one of the breeds you listed that has barring and if he is a pure dalware then all of his chicks should be barred so you shouldn't get a black chick so the black chick I would say probably came from the BCM if it is single combed. If it happened to have a pea comb and a beard, then it would be from the lav Am. Roo. And the WL would have all white chicks like farmerChef said.

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