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I know some helped me already.... but I am posting more info. now.. Maybe it will help you to help me! Thanks!

I just got my baby chicks today. I am suppose to have
2 red silkies
2 blue silkies
1 ameracauna
1 black frizzle

Did I get that??

Red Silkie? 4 toes


Red Silkie? 5 toes


2 Blue Silkies the back one doesn't really have feather feet though, and only 4 toes.


2 Black Frizzles?? both 4 toes

I'm not seeing the Ameracuna?? Or am I?

They are all soooo cute! Now I hope they are all female too!
Silkies will have five toes . That's about all I know to help you , other than when chicks start to get feathers on their wings .....the frizzles will have their wing feathers curl out . Good luck !
I've heard of some silkies having 6 it possible for them to only have 4??? They're the only chickens with black skin too, right???
sumatras have black skin, as well.

Could the black chick without feathered legs be your ameraucana?
If they are silkies they're not good quality, but that may not matter to you.
Silkies should have black skin all over, five toes, and a pouf ball on top of their head.

I think you may have gotten two frizzles (the last two), but you'd have to wait until they start growing feathers to find out for sure.
Chickn gurl, How can you tell if they are "good ones".? I'm not gonna be showing them or anything, I mainly wanted a friendly breed to have and heard that silkies are some of the best!
Hi Spring,

Ive closed the duplicate threads and moved one that was posted in the wrong forum topic to avoid confusion. I left a redirecting link to here so that everyone can put their answers in one place.

Thanks for your patience.

Chel PS. Cute chicks!
Thanks! I didn't mean to mess things up! Sorry about that! Hopefully I'll figure out what kind of chicks I have!!!!
"Good" as in a good representation of the breed standard of perfection. Even if they don't have all the finer aesthetic points I'm sure they will make great pets. Silkies usually have great temperments and generally that characteristic is passed on to their offspring, mixed or pure.
Make sure you spoil them rotten and they'll be perfect lap chickens.

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