Real Puzzler What Am I A Mix Of Can You Guess

Sugar Sand Farm

12 Years
Apr 24, 2007
North Florida
here are some clues to my parentage
1. I hatched from a bantam egg but I am not a bantam
2. I am approximately 6 weeks old
3. I know I am a cockerel
4. I have a very long neck
5.. No I am not related to the Ugly Duckling

Can anyone guess what I are my pictures


Wow, what an interesting bird! I have no idea what he might be, but just wanted to ask you to please post picture updates; I'm curious to see what he'll look like as he grows older!
Mama is a first generation Naked Neck, which would explain the sparse feathering, and barely naked neck, unless he has a double dose of slow feather genes. He's going to look worse before better. Hopefully he's part NN, they have such sweet personalities.

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