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    My day started badly at about 2 or 3 am I woke up dieing of thirst , Last week or so I keep doing this and the last couple of days I've woken up two or three times. Next I go to school and my best friend ignores me (I kind of have a crush on him [​IMG] ) later in Algebra 2 we cover more stuff I can't understand (I currently have a D in there), period after that I am put in a group with my ex and his current girlfriend, then the period after that (lunch) My friends are picking on me, period after that (American Cultures or AC) I'm called down to the guidance office because a teacher recommend me for ETS get back to AC played a review game for 15 min. and then leave for a dentist appointment and I still have a cavity from last time that needs filled, then I went back to school for play practice my best friend ignores me some more and because I did not realize that he only need me for part of It. I went and tried to call home to be picked up ,but my sister was on the internet so I could not reach them and had to wait 30 min. alone trying not to cry (this is the 2nd time this has happened in 2 days!) When I finally got home I went upstairs yelled at my sister about it then shouted at her to get out of my room(our main computer needs a new video card so where using mine) and then got on here and told all of you....I feel a little better getting it all out though.
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    Sometimes, that's all one needs--- just to get it all out!!!!! Feel better [​IMG]

    PS..Stay away from salty foods and drink some extra water during the day-- winters can make you drier than in the summer-- hopefully you'll sleep better!
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