Really Early Crowing?


10 Years
May 7, 2009
Brooksville, FL
I watched my houdan "crow" today. But it's only two months old. Could it be crowing? I wasn't sure of the sex, and the crow was pretty pitiful. Seems really early.
I've seen videos of week old chicks crowing. Get ready, I bet it is a roo! His crow will get better, unfortunately. How about posting a video of his attempts. It is always so entertaining!!
Don't worry, he'll get better at it,,,,,,especially if you teach him,,,,,,,,do a few yerself,,,,,he'll get the hang of it! It took ours a few days and the first ones were pitiful, now he goes off at 4;15 every morning in the coop. for an hour at least. He just wants us to know he's up even though it does'nt get "light" around here til 6;30. I fully expect some morning to let them out, and he'll be naked and bruised, due to the hens "having had 'bout 'nuff of this crap"
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