Really mean bully chicken's! Cuppy and Ruby are bullies !!

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  1. GingerJane

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    Apr 8, 2013
    So for a little over a year now I have had a Rhode island red hen and Buff Orpington hen, very social and sweet to humans, but to

    newbies (my chick's that are 5-6 months, and two new Silkie hens I got a few days ago) they are psycho attackers, they literally

    chase and jump on top of these birds and peck feathers out.. I thought at first the whole jumping on top pecking feathers out thing

    would not last months and months and just would rather maybe peck them a little here and there.. Now it is just out of control!

    Sometimes they cannot even eat if The Rhode island red (Ruby) and the buff Orpington (Cuppy) are near... They are so mean! Any chance they get to hurt the newbies they will..

    [[[And the chickens go free range every other couple days, and they have a huge beautiful fenced in area to roam around]]]

    Ruby and Cuppy are being terrible to the innocent newbies and new one year old silkies.. I feel

    so bad... Is there something I can do?

    Please help, thank you.


  2. Wyandottes7

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    Jul 24, 2013
    Try isolating the offending chickens for two-three weeks. When they are put back in they will be the lowest in the pecking order, and will not be able to terrorize the younger birds for a while.
  3. Wild Prime

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    Nov 4, 2011
    My neighbor lady's flock is very aggressive and she has had to give me several of their "victims" over the years. She tried separating the main bossy ladies with no results. When I got the poor girls they were entirely naked and so scared. I had to keep them in a pen adjacent to our flock for several weeks before they conquered their fear of other birds. I let them out to free range with the others and they get along great now. But I would only re-home the attackers as a last result, because obviously you love the birds despite their behavior. Best of luck to you

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