rear back feathers lost on Wyandottes


10 Years
Oct 3, 2009
Have 2 SL Wyandottes and 2 Buff Orpingtons, all 2 1/2 years old, all laying hens. Both Wyandottes have lost the feathers to the rear of their backs where they are able to pick themselves (have pics); and the Orpingtons haven't! They are definitely not molting and I don't see any evidence of mites or lice. It's been this way about 6 months and they are laying fine. Help.
Is it above the tail, or under the tail?

In this month's issue of Backyard Poultry there was a q&a about something LIKE that, under the tail, only the hen had a white discharge. The columnist called it possibly "vent gleet" which he said is a kind of fungus that can be treated with iodine spray. The other possible cause was a disease mostly common in older hens (I don't have the mag right here or I'd quote it).

Are they picking on each other?
Thanks for getting back to me.

The affected area is on the top-rear section of their backs. I have pictures but don't know how to add them.

I haven't seen any agressive pecking by the normally docile Orpingtons. The pattern also seems to show that the area is reachable by the Wyandottes while the section behind their heads, necks and shoulders is fine.
Better yet, go to the top of the forum index and look at frequently asked questions. There's a link there on how to post pics. You'll have better luck if you post the pics where everyone in BYC can see them. There's bound to be someone with an answer for you. The folks on this web site are really great!

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