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    Mar 27, 2013
    One of my chickens rear end is all bloody and I believe she is getting bullied. They are almost 2 years old, six of them obtained at the same time. I brought her into the house today and she is resting in a small dog kennel 2x3. What can be done and will she recover? Seems ok if you didn't know the back end was like this. Noticed blood on the wall and wood chips of the nest box where I believe she was being attack. Why do they do this? There are 2 of them that are like the ones in the movie "mean girls" . Anyone else dealt with mean girls chickens and what did you do? Thanks, any help, treatment or suggestions appreciated. They have a 10 ft run but they still choose to stay inside the coop most of the time in winter New Hampshire.

    Steve & Dee
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    Apr 3, 2014
    My one and last Araucana just had that happen to her, and she passed last week. I would say keep her in the house or a small confined area to prevent it from getting worse. Also, you could try giving her a little less food so she won't feel inclined to lay an egg, because that always hurt. You could also try taking a warm cloth (soft!) and gently cleaning off her back end. After we do the above, we usually put a natural antibiotic called Colloidal Silver on the hurt area, and then some for her to swallow.
    Good luck!

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