reason for quail death?

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    I've been losing a few quail lately and noticed that they all had their breastbone sticking out sharp, like a knife when I felt it. I know this is a sign that means something about the quail dying. Does anyone know what this means? I can rule out feed and water. The pens are kept clean. I'm not sure whats causes this to occur.

    Thank You!
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    Birds can lose weight for several reasons. Intestinal parasites cause many deaths due to weight loss. Illnesses such as enteritis's, if the quail don't die quick, will also cause weight loss. Many hens die of reproductive cancers that cause great weight loss. Any illness in which the quail are not eating will cause starvation. Bacterial infections as well as virus's can cause deaths as well.

    Internal parasites are very common and kill quail frequently. Worming your flock needs to be done once if not twice a year to prevent deaths. No matter how clean you are with your birds, worms are always present and need to be dealt with.
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