Reason why nesting boxes and roosts in same coop?


Jul 22, 2019
Des Plaines, IL
Looking at coop design and almost every coop I see have the nesting boxes and the roosts in the same enclosed space. But then I came across another coop that I like where it has the nesting boxes on one side and the roosts on another, separated by a run in the middle. I haven't seen this anywhere else and wondered if there was a reason it usually wasn't done this way?

Is there any reason the roosts and nesting boxes can't be separated like this? Just curious if there is something I'm not thinking about.

My nest boxes, which are not being used yet, are outside the coop, in the conjoined shed. I have a poop board and roost over the entrance to the boxes. I did this to save floor space in the coop and make it easier to collect the eggs ...when the time comes!
It's all personal and chickens choice on what works best for you. Mine free range most of the day and we built them a nice insulated coop, they told us where to go and nested in an open horse stall, there was plenty of space so we put nesting boxes on one side and roosts on the other side was easy to clean and and kept the eggs away from where it got the dirtiest. This current flock has the 2 room coop with the nesting boxes on the outside, I was going to use the other side of the coop for storage of feed and yard tools but the chickens had other ideas lol. They use the other side for when they want to brood. Gave up planning with my chickens cause they still end up doing what they want to where they want to. In the winter they all tend to lay in the brooding side they choose so I put some hay on the floor for them, and one of the hens stays with the eggs until I get out to collect them after shoveling a place in the yard for them to play when snow is deep and it's cold, haven't lost but 1 set of eggs the first cold snap when they were new layers.
You can set it up however you like, as long as the chickens can roost safely at night with protection from drafts, and can access the nest boxes whenever they need to lay.

Main reason to have nest boxes inside a coop as far as humans are concerned is it provides protection from weather and temperature extremes that might affect egg quality.
My nesting boxes are made to be accessible from the outside to make it easier to clean and get to the eggs. Plus I was able to use some of space for storage.
In my opinion if you have a large walk in coop nesting boxes inside works great . If it's raised them exterior boxes safe space.

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