Reasons to keep,own,encourage small free range city BYC flocks


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6 Years
Aug 10, 2013
1 Completely natural Pest Control! My 3 chix earn their keep by eating ALL the disease carrying mosquito's,dog & cat fleas, nasty roaches,termites,spiders,etc and they do it well.We no longer need to use any pest control as we have had to years past.
2 fresh free eggs when we have a dozen we trade to neighbors for lemons or nuts
3 Weed control this is first year my Hubby has NOT USED WEED WHACKER our girls do a great job stomping weeds all over yard scratching for bugs
4 SOIL NUTRITION we have a greenhouse that our girls coop is adjacent to and they do daily pass through and eat & poo and our red clay soil is starting to substantiate fresh growth indicating improved soil health
5 mulch pile free soil turns the girls scratch which turns the soil for free(no shovel needed) and add poo to fertilize and the beautiful natural healthy soil we have we grow veggies and fruits with ease.
6 flock watching in the sunshine our girls encourage us to get outside every day for a few minutes for some natural vitamin D from the sun.They must have fresh,CLEAN water provided daily in at least 2 different ares for a city yard(our lot is 1/4 acre) SUNLIGHT is a must for mental health. watching my birds do all the work is engaging and encourages me to work even more in my backyard as a team while I clean they eat bugs

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