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    Oh my gosh, I have laughed until I hurt all over! Her name is Amanda, better known as Pootie-poot and she is 3. She certainly marches to a different drum. My daughter, her Mom, was in charge of the Church Christmas childrens program, and what a great job she did. ALMOST.......everybody perfect and on their marks. One lone entertainer on the front row left hand side. Her Mom was in front of the group directing....And may I say from the faces Pootie was making in return, it was very obvious Mom was shooting her some dirty looks. Pooties other GM was in the audience shaking her head which pootie very dramatically shook her head yes,with eyes very large and mouth like an o. The whole time this is going on the rest of the program is going off with out a hitch. There were 3 duets and when those children finished their songs and returned to their places , Pootie proceeded to do the TAH-DAH pose with a little hop skip and a jump thrown in. All is over now,applause recieved and time to exit the sanctuary,she was to be the last off the stage, all others exit to the right, guess who goes left alone! Her father said that NOT one time during any of the practices did she do any of this. Thank God this was a small country church.....................I think I last saw them headed across the parking lot with Pootie by the ear. .......JK.

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    Please tell me somebody got this on video! [​IMG] These are the things we torture our kids with, once they hit adolescence.

    While it may have driven Mom insane, these truly are the moments that make up a life.
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    Yes on video. Maybe then her mom will see the humor in it. ha ha. We don't cotton to misbehaving in church, this was golden though.

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    Quote:So very true! [​IMG]

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