Received Broken hatching eggs help!

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  1. WinterSkyMoonRanch

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    Jul 15, 2011
    I received a box of hatching eggs yesterday. I left them to settle for 24 hours only to discover, when I opened them, that the eggs had been packed on their sides...Doesn't this create problems with the air sack? Then 3 of the eggs were broken, yolk everywhere, the eggs smelled a little funny, and finally they were marked on the top of the egg with a marker...I thought markers were toxic and could be absorbed into the egg? Am I just being toooo fussy! Cuz I never ship eggs like that!
  2. Hi! You rec'd a box of eggs in the mail and didn't open it for 24 hrs?
    I've always opened all my egg boxes on arrival --- unpacked and set them upright to prepare for the actual setting. Why would you think they needed to be left in the box they travelled in?
    I mark all 'eggs for hatching' with Sharpie Permanent Markers, so that shouldn't be an issue.
    Good Luck!
  3. WinterSkyMoonRanch

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    Jul 15, 2011
    :/My bad...I always ship eggs with the large end up, so since I've only received a few shipments of hatching eggs, and they were done in the same manner, I did not realize that some people ship them on their sides. I guess I should let them settle for another 24 hours now that I have them in the correct position?
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  4. eeyore75

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    when were they shipped out?
  5. Christie Rhae

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    I have had 5 boxes of eggs shipped. The ones with sharpie marks on the top that were shipped wrapped up sort of on their sides are developing the best so far. The air cells were nearly perfect. I wonder if shipping sort of laid on the side actually helped the air cell? Cuz I have had some eggs that were packed so beautiful, sitting straight up.... totally scrambled. I dunno.
    I literally cannot leave the post office parking lot until I open my box of eggs. lol
  6. seminolewind

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    I think on their side is fine. Mine are on their sides in the bator right now. Good luck with the eggs
  7. CelticOaksFarm

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    Many ship eggs on their sides and are fine upon arrival. It sounds like the PO many have been a bit rougher with the box, or maybe not enough extra paddingin the box. It is a risk with shipped eggs that 1 or more might be broken. I use marker when setting and it hasn't effected my hatch rates yet. Do not let them sit any longer, they were collected, boxed and shipped so at best they traveled 2 days but many times 3 days. Most collect after payment, and ship the next day so your eggs are possiblly 4 days oldor older. In the future always open the box as soon as you get it. This way they are inspected ASAP, and this time of the year with the heat, they are also set immediately. I do not start my turner for 24 hours after the eggs arrive, but I set all eggs in a preheated incubator the day they arrive, as soon as I unpack them. This is just incase the extreme heat started them developing so I am not cooling growing eggs.
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    Considering a shipped box is tossed, rolled and put any which way the handler shouldn't matter which direction the eggs were packed in. Unless the box specifically states "THIS END UP" you can guarantee your eggs have been laying in every direction possible.

    And since eggs require good ventilation, I would highly recommend opening the box asap when you get them. Eggs and chicks aren't all that different, they both need air and heat. I have my eggs sent to my work address so I can get the box opened and let the eggs breathe asap!
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    Mar 23, 2011
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    all of this shipping talk has gotten me very nervous. My eggs were shipped out thursday but will not arrive until monday so they will be sitting somewhere all day sunday. When I get them what should I look for. Do you check for the air sac or just pop them in the bator and not use the turner for 24hrs. Thanks guys.
  10. ReikiStar

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    Quote:Take them out of the box and candle them -- to see if the air cells have detached (mostly like some have). Sit them up right (large end up) for the first 24 hours so they can settle down after their harrowing trip. After the 24 hours are over, put them in the incubator, still large end up. Leave them this way for the first 3 days to give the air cells time to re-attach. On the 4th day, turn them or turn on your turner and candle on which ever dates you normally candle to weed out anything that looks bad at this stage and hopefully you have some viable eggs to hatch. [​IMG]

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