Received shipped eggs, HELP!!!


6 Years
Apr 14, 2013


I got some eggs about an hour in the post, and I have them tilled my incubator was meant to artive yesterday, but now I was told that it's not going to arrive till Monday maybe, so what do I do will the eggs be all right, when do I need to change the tilt twice a day, but I don't know and do I need to candle them


There was 30 eggs and 1 cracked open and opened it and it was fertile as seen in picture
I'm a rookie here but, store in a cool dry place at room temperature, turn/tilt at least twice a day. Make sure you run your incubator at least overnight to determine that your temps are stable. No need to candle when you will not see anything other than a clear egg. You can candle to determine that everything inside looks good (i.e. no broken yolks or air pockets, cracks etc.) The eggs should be ok for around 7 days or so.
Good luck

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