Recent rash of yolkless wind eggs - UPDATE


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Apr 14, 2009
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Hi All -

I have a little collection of wind eggs in my refrigerator, I think I was up to 6 after this season's laying, some from back obviously when they were new to laying. My 3 girls kept laying through the winter, although not as regularly. I gave them some artificial light for awhile, but they also had a couple solid months of just regular daylight. They've not stopped laying completely. I think I've only had a single day without an egg.

However, lately, I've gotten a rash of wind eggs. I am getting some normal sized ones, so I'm not sure if it's just one girl doing it, or all three intermittently. If I had to guess, it's 2 birds as I usually get 2 light brown and one slightly darker brown egg from my 2 buffs and my 1 barred rock. The wind eggs are both dark and light. I've gotten about 6 in the last month or so, and about 3-4 in the last week.

Should I be worried? Is there anything I can do to help with yolk production? Do ovaries need a break or could there be a problem?

Thanks, AC

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"Look Ma, No Yolks!"
"No yolks, radio."
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Your eggs would be good for my diet.

the Doc. says yolks have to much cholesterol.

kinda like seedless watermelons....
Sorry, no ideas a google search for "pavlova recipe" or "meringue recipe". Both use just egg white and would be a great use for yolkless eggs.
Now my ladies have not laid anything in over a week. I've found one egg shell pecked apart/consumed. My husband searched the yard and the only think I can figure is that they just quit laying. Which is super strange having made it through the entire winter laying at least a few eggs a week.

Any ideas?
Hmm. Perhaps I have been feeding them too many treats/snacks (wheat berries, mostly). They did not moult this year. My grandma told me they might skip a year. Is that a wives tale?

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