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May 1, 2020
I'm looking for a simple not overly complex recipe for chicken food. I have 20 chcikens so far (4 golden comets hens 4 golden comets roos 2 Delaware roos and 10 silver wyandottes hens) I plan on adding hens to make it easier for everyone. Probably ones that others cant take care of anymore that I find on Craigslist. When they reach close to full size an i let them leave the coop to free range i want to switch them from starter to something i made. Note that they will have 2 an a half acres to forage on. So mainly just food for the lazy ones but also meets there nutrition needs.

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Sep 13, 2011
southern Michigan
Are you in the USA or Canada? If yes, home made will cost way more than buying nutritionally complete feed at the feed store!
High egg producing hens, as you will have, need a very good complete diet to manage that level of metabolic effort their genetics demand. None of them can get enough to eat on two acres of whatever!
There are recipies for making a balanced diet, check university poultry websites for direction. The companies who sell the necessary vitamin/ mineral mixes will have advice, so look them up.
I had poultry science and animal nutrition classes in college, and there's no way I'm doing home-made! It's way more expensive, takes more storage, and hard to do right.

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