Recommend your feeder and waterer


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Feb 27, 2009
I have heard of a heated waterer and I think I will want one. I just put an outlet in my coop for it. I will have 6-8 layers in cold climate over the winter. I have the coop insulated and all that jazz.

Also, is a hanging feeder the best? One or two feeders?


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Nov 8, 2008
In my coop I have my waterer on 2 inch blocks and it keeps the water cleaner. The chickens don't get in the water as much. During the summer I am going to hang there waterer and feeder under the coop. I have my coop on poles. it is about two feet of the ground. I did that so the chickens could get under the coop if they wanted to be outside but not in the sun or rain. I would suggest hanging them. If you put them on the ground the chickens get on them and poop. They poop on everything. I want to get a warmer but they are expensive. I my get one for next winter.

I have on feeder for 6 chickens
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