Recurring Respiratory Infection. Treatment Help Needed

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    4 weeks ago, I started my ladies on Terramycin (3/8 tsp per gallon) for CRD. They were on it for 7 days straight, after which no one was coughing. 2 weeks ago, I started hearing the random cough again. As the days went on, the coughs became more frequent, so, I started them on another round of Terramycin. Today is day number 8 of the treatment but everyone is still coughing. I was planning on doing 14 days on Terramycin but shouldn't the coughing have stopped by now? Should I switch over to Tylan instead? I've also seen some posts for using Vet Rx as treatment. I'm not sure what the appropriate next step is. Any help would be most appreciated!!
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    I've had better luck with Baytril, but it's banned for use in food animals by the FDA. You should also consider giving medications orally instead of in the water. Did you know that you can get many different antibiots in pill form that are sold for tropical fish?
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    You will continue to have recurring respiratory infection because birds are never cured of respiratory diseases. CRD is mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG.) There are various strains, mild to severe. Birds that are survivors are carriers for life and a closed flock must be maintained, including no selling or giving away eggs to be hatched. The disease is passed through the egg. No matter what antibiotics are used, eventually the disease builds resistance to the drug, requiring a more potent antibiotic to be used. Your other option is to cull the sick birds.

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