Recycled Pallet Racking Coop and Run on Skids Design


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Apr 23, 2015
Wichita, Kansas
Ok, the kids have chicks in the brooder... now what do I do??? After researching and researching and thinking over the problem of a coop and run design, I finally decided just to build it myself. I knew I wanted something that would be strong, easily movable, easily cleanable, predator proof, and easy enough for my wife and kids to get in and collect eggs. For some reason the old pallet racking I had laying out behind the barn gave me that initial light bulb idea. So I was off...

Starting with the pallet racking, I cut the tops off of the horizontals to give the roof a slope.

After bolting together all the steel horizontals and beams, I mounted it on 4x4 skids, and enclosed the bottom with 1/2" wire mesh.

I built in a door for letting the ladies free range out the front if we so desire.

On the back, there is a large vent across the entire width at the top, and then a large door at the bottom to enter the entire underside if I need.

Here it is with the vent (at the top) and back door open.

Enclosed with the siding, doors with windows hung, but still no metal roof yet...

Pretty much finished short of the roof in this picture.

View from the inside before the roost has been installed. The floor is rubber workout flooring I found at Menards, waterproof and won't absorb odors. You can also just notice my 5-gallon bucket hanging on the wall... there will be a total of 6 of them for nesting boxes currently. When I have a little more time on my hands, my plan is to cut in another small door on the back side that you can open and access the back of the nesting boxes.

New Roost, with poop pan trays. This was the first night and the ladies got down on the poop pans for the night. Since then I have never seen them on it and it works great for cleaning out after a nights rest.

I finished the run out on 4x4 skids as well so it could be easily dragged around the property. The entire thing is treated lumber that was screwed together with Horse panels for the fronts and sides.

Back side of the run with the door.

Here I am with the Kubota pulling them into place and setting them for the first time. We had a lot of rain in Kansas this week so the heavy coop did dig in a little in the back yard when I was pulling it.

Final Product with the ladies enjoying their new space! In a couple weeks I will move everything again and they will have new ground to explore. I figure it took me about 15 minutes to move it all with the Kubota!

Have to admit that I am new to chickens... but so far enjoying it very much.

Thanks for looking!
Thanks Odelia! It has been some late nights in the garage over the last couple of weeks... but I'm pretty happy with the end result. Thinking in the end I will paint the coop red with white windows. Who knows but enjoying watching the ladies run around and play!
You may be new to chicken but your coop is fabulous.
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