Red Broilers...not impressed.


9 Years
Apr 8, 2010
South Central Texas
We ordered some red broilers about a month ago and came with spraddle leg and had to be culled. Another has just in the last week get spraddle leg, one just up and died. One had some weird bending on his legs and another one has blue on his legs (looks like veins or something). I think we will look into freedom rangers or something next time, I'm just not impressed with these guys.
You know, I'm not completely sure as the meat bird is more my Husband's department. But I believe the broilers are more specifically a heavy meat bird and the rangers are a big dual purpose? But I recall now my Husband saying something about actual rangers not being available anymore? Oh well, he will just have to research it some more. We were taking note of them all tonight and so many have little issues.
I am not 100% sure on this but I think there are only about 3 large suppliers of eggs for broilers and they are in Texas as I remember. Bantams have slightly different incubation needs but I would think Ideal would not hatch them together but if they did that could explain the problem possibly.

How many did you buy? some loss is normal and when you lose them early on that is actually better then after they are half grown and then lose them, ugh!
Yea we are in Texas, I drove up there to pick them up. We got 25 broilers plus a couple extra they threw in. Only 2 have died but so many others are...'not right'. We only got three bantams, don't know if they hatched them together. Interesting thought though!

I know what you mean, I'm hoping these other ones hold it together long enough. Only two out of 27 would be good even for a regular order of egg layers. I'm thinking at least the one with the severe leg problem though is just going to become dog food.
I am currently trying a strain of red broilers and red broilers crossed with a turken from a hatchery in Idaho. So far they are double the size of the normal birds that I hatched with them and have had no issues as of yet.

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