red golden chciks and ?'s help needed


7 Years
Apr 20, 2012
western KY
hatched off my first two golden pheasant chicks today I've raised everything else just not pheasants was wondering if there was anything else i needed to do different...... was also wondering if a male red golden would breed more than one female or do they pair off? and is their anyway to sex the pheasant chcicks ?/ thanks matt'
Pheasant chicks do best on a game bird starter, they also may need more space than other birds as they grow to keep them from picking at each other. As pheasant chicks age, females eyes will stay a dark brown, males will lighten and get a yellow ring around the outside edge until it turns yellow completely, or white on Lady A's. Males will breed many hens. I think most don't put more than six hens with one male to keep fertility good and keep the male from exhaustion.
thanks i hatched 2 chciks one didn't make it never really got it's feet under it acted lively first 2 days but wouldn't eat or drink .. i put a small chcik in with them to show them how to eat I don't know bot used to losing a bird with out any signs of illness thanks for the info greatly appreciated .. i have 4 more eggs 2 of which i stuck mag light too and theres something in them first 4 only had 3 with something in them only 2 hatched .. hopefully i'll have better luck

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