Red in boiled eggs


6 Years
Apr 12, 2013
Hello I have reading this site for a while. Seems every query I put out led here sooner or later led here. This is my third year of having laying hens and came across a new problem. Seems some of my eggs get a red ring, small pink center in yolks when boiled. I have read a few things on this and I still can't pin it down.Freshness being one case ruled out. I pick eggs up at least once daily and refrigerate soon there after. I began checking eggs periodically after discovering this and sometimes find a pink blush in the yolk but thats it. Any ideas for the cure to this would be appreciated.
How many hens do you have? Is it possible to segregate your hens from each other for maybe one day- then pick up the eggs and break open to see if one hen has this problem or several. I'm wondering is one or more of them is having some problem with their egg laying machinery..
Greetings! I am with redsoxs on if you see any when they are raw. Maybe it is a blood spot and that is where they end up when boiled. Seen them when I cook with eggs, but not boiled as of yet.
Well it seems to be going away. I have 12 hens with about 11 laying. Gave a dozen to the neighbor and she sent me a picture with amost every egg redishish in color not only in the yolk but white also. I have several different breeds so it isnt very hard to pin it down to a few if that were the case. Since I have cleaned the coop and spot checked the eggs the problem seems to be disappearing. One other thing I had a crawfish boil before all this and fed them a few. Yes i have some louisiana blood lines.Anyway they enjoyed a few.Still not sure but the problem seems to be leaving.

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