Red lamp vs. clear lamp

Really?? Wow.
So should I go out and buy a red one then?
I have never used a red light in my 5 years of raising chicks and all my chicks have been fine. Occasionally I have had one peck at toes but they get over that within the hour. Red is good if you can get one that is not to hot. I could only find a 150 Watt bulb and I decided to use a regular bulb. I start with 100 watts and move down to 75 as their need for heat changes. I actually use the bluish tint Full Spectrum Bulbs. For birds that are caged it helps duplicate more closely the suns light.
It looks like the red light district at my house. The chicks are on the front porch-I live in a neighborhood too, what must the neighbors think?!
I am moving my soon to be 6,7 and 8 week olds out to the 4x4x 5 ft tall coop and only have a 250 red heat bulb, is this going to be to hot with days in the 60's and nights in the low 50's?
They will regulate their own heat needs, just place the light where they can get away from it if necessary. BTW, at that age, they are more than ready to be outside.

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