Red painfull looking legs??

Ruby Mia

6 Years
Feb 6, 2013
My rooster Chantys feet are looking very red and painfull. His scales don't look right where the redness is either. He has also got scaley leg mites which I brought a spray for, but it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Here are some pics;


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This is a mite infection. I have found that the spray does not work. Poultry dust works the best, and can be found online or at feed stores.
I have the same problem with my Black Cochins feet. His name is Doodle....such a nice Rooster!
I have taken Doodle to the vets a few times to try and cure this. They did skin scrapings and even pulled a few foot and leg feathers out. There was absolutely no signs of any type of bug(mites, lice, etc.). I have tried everything and I mean everything from coconut oil to antibiotics to cutting all the feathers off his feet and soaking them every night and putting all kinds of different creams, lotions and oils on them. Nothing will make it go away. I first noticed this last summer and like I said he still has it. He does occasionally hold a leg up and curl his toes, like it bothers him. But other than that he is very healthy. Whatever it is, it is not contagious as I hVe other chickens as well.
If you find a cure PLEASE let me know.
I would back off on the spray. Is it a Permethrin spray or enzyme spray? Either way, do something else. Mixing some Epsom Salts in very warm water, and soaking the birds legs in it for at least 10 minutes should help. After drying the legs off, apply some triple antibiotic ointment without benzocaine. Massage it into the scales and skin of the bird. It would be best to keep the bird off dirt for enough time to absorb the ointment. Avoid getting it on feathers, if you can, since dust/dirt will cling to the oily feathers. Doing it at night is best, when the bird will spend the next 8 hours or so on a roost. Apply ointment every night until redness subsides. One of the drawbacks of feather legged breeds is everything clings to their leg feathers. Once the redness disappears, and you find regular treatment for scaly leg mites is necessary, I'd recommend Nu-stock or a sulfur salve ointment. Some people claim success with Vick's Vapo-Rub but have never used it.
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