Red patch on one Barred Rock

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    May 26, 2018
    We have 4 older birds in our flock. They're 13 months old. 2 barred, 1 RIR, 1 buff orp.

    Just added 1 silver laced Wyandotte and 1 australorp, both little chicks mid Feb. We just got them first into a mini coop next to the big coop a few weeks ago when the weather got nice. They just started co-mingling together in the big coop on the last week or so.

    About the time we took the 2 littles outside, 2 things happened. 1 - buff went broody. 2 - the bigs were getting used to the littles and I noticed both RIR and the one Barred Rock had patches below their vent missing feathers. I did searches and thought maybe I had feather pickers with the pecking order, or broody buff pecking. RIR seems to be boss, the buff fancies herself 2nd boss and the 2 BR have never had an issue before. No evidence of lice or mites. On recommendation of some threads I deep cleaned coop, changed bedding, added food grade DE and applied blu kote to the BR several times in the past week. eating and drinking fine.

    20180526_161922.jpg 20180526_161713.jpg

    Here is today's comparison pic. The one BR, now called fluffbutt since she still has floof, and my red patch BR.

    Thoughts? Do I need a vet? Try something else? Or apply blu kote more often?
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    Buy a tube of Nu-Stock at your feed store, should be in the equine section. Apply it to the effected area and wear disposable gloves. Shake well before applying it.
    The Nu-Stock will heal the area as well as deter the feather picker.
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