Red Pyle Bantam - SPOILED!

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Aug 27, 2009
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Our little Red Pyle chick, Sweet Pea, is now officially a spoiled homing chicken!


We held her a LOT when she was a newly arrived chick and I broke my own rule of not naming any of the chicks because she was the smallest and I honestly didn't think she would make it. She never seemed to like being held and would try to run away from us.

Well, after a week long vacation (in which a dear friend cared for our babies) we came home to a very needy, attention grabbing chick! Now, when they are outside, most of the day in an enclosed run, she will call and call for somebody to come and get her and hold her. This morning she got even more bold. We were having breakfast and heard her call and ignored it. She called more and we ignored it. Then we noticed she was quiet -- -- only to peek out the back door to see her making her way across the yard through the bigger LB chicks to find us! She successfully made it to the door and was rewarded with lots of oohs and aahs and a warm hand to snuggle in.

After putting her back out, she has now repeated this act at least five times. What have we done??
Tooo Cute!

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