Red Pyle OEGB?


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Feb 24, 2016
Any thoughts on this girl? Not a very good shot of her legs, but they light gray. She's roughly 4 months old. Best I can tell is she may be a Red Pyle game bantam....old english or modern, I don't know. I'm fairly ignorant on the subject.

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Thanks all. She was unwanted by her previous owner and given to me. I am not familiar with these bantams and was curious about her. Thanks again.
Do you know if her previous owner shows old english? This would explain her quality and why she was let go of. 

From what he said, she was shipped in a huge chick order from McMurray or Cackle. That may do even more to explain quality or faults. He ordered all large breeds and this one was mixed in. I was just guessing old English. I really don't know anything about them. The very little experience i have with bantams is in d'uccles. She has pet status and won't be reproducing.
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