Red sex link hen cross with RIR rooster?


6 Years
Jul 29, 2013
South Carolina
Has anyone breed these 2 and have any pics to show me? I got some eggs from grandfather & he has RIR roosters & hens, anf he has som red sex link hens in a coop, but 3 of my eggs came from the red sex link hens, so i was wanting know wht the babies will look like just curious, their in incubator now, they hatch october 8!! :)
I have been hatching out some and half the chicks are black and look like black australorps when born and feather out solid black. The other half look like reds with some of them having some white in them. The black chicks are a suprise to me. Maybe some one with some genetic background could help. The rooster of these chicks is a heritage RIR and the hens are supposed to be cinnamon queen(new hampshire x silver laced wyandotte).
Here is a picture of one black chickens that hatched out from RIR x red sexlink cross. Around 30-40% hatch out this way. Does anyone know why?
So my first baby hatched earlier today, its starting to dry with yellow down feathers, but they are red sex link and RIR mix how can it be yellow? Im confused i was expecting red or black, when it drys lil more i will post a pic of it, has anyone have chicks with this mix looked yellow? Thanks
Heres the babies from a Rhode Island Red rooster cross with red sex link hen, I put in 6 eggs 5 made it to hatch day, and 4 hatch, Heres my babies at 3 days old
They're soooo cute.... they look like rsl as babies and as rirs.... they will be very productive..... can you post more pics of their progress
Thanks heres a pic their 3 weeks old in this pic, I will take another one tmrw they more feathered now i think i have 3 pullets & 1 roo was hopin for no roors, but oh well!!:)
Very nice... as I said... the three redder one are growing more red feathers.... they look like rir... and the withe one will look more like red sex links... we'll be waiting for more

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