Red Sex Link


12 Years
Mar 25, 2007
Halls Crossroads, TN
I just took a chance and ordered Red Sex Link. I have one Black Sex Link and she's a trooper. Hardly a day, even this winter, when there wasn't a beautiful big brown egg waiting for me.
How about the production of Red Sex Links? Will I be happy with these gals?:eek:
Production from the red sexlinks are about the same as the black sexlinks.
You'll like them.
I have one redsex link hen. She lays great, and is by far the most mellow laid back of all the chickens. When I am outside she comes over and sits on my foot until I pick her up. My kids adore her. She lets them pick her up and will sit forever in their laps.
Just my 0.02
Red Stars are great chickens! My girls are great layers and really friendly. Here they are:
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My red-sex links came from Ideal and are awesome. I have 25 hens and I get between 20-25 eggs a day. Pretty awesome, huh? I have been really impressed with Ideal as well.
My cousin has about 8 Red Star hens and 1 Red Star Roo. Here are some current pictures of them. They are just over 1 year old and laying like crazy. She gets large brown eggs from them every day. They are the best layers she has in her flock.




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