Red Tail Hawk.


10 Years
Feb 23, 2009
Carleton Mi.
Just feeding the baby in her high chair and heard the song birds going nuts. Look out the window to see a Red Tailed Hawk swoop low over the wooded area the chicken coop is in. Song birds mobbing it like crazy. Ran outside to check the chickens and all I see is the turkey keepng watch of the sky and no chickens. They were all under the coop. Did a head count and all the chickens were there. Thank goodness. My 6 year old was right behind me helping me check them too. He said he was scared that we were gonna find a dead chicken. This will be the second time the song birds have helped the chickens out. The first time they mobbed a racoon near the coop and sent it packing out to the field. That night it was back but in the trap. I guess it is a good thing we have a lot of birds nesting out back in our wooded, brushy area.
Cool, nature is awesome.

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