Red Tailed Hawk!!


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Feb 27, 2011
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Don't really have problems with red tail hawks but looked out the back window this morning and the crows were going crazy. Got my pellet rifle which was the first thing handy and went out to shoot them. When I got to the walnut tree they were in I saw why they were going crazy. They had a red tailed hawk hemmed up. I suspect he was going to try to go after my pullets that were free ranging. Lets just say a pellet gun can be a good deterent for crows and hawks both. No I didn't kill it. My cousin that is game warden would put me under the jail if I did. But if I accidentally killed one I would never let him know. Gonna have to keep my eyes out a little better now that he knows where my chickens are at. Kepp them eyes on the skies people!!
I had a hawk swoop down and try to get my most favorite banty Fluffbutt. It got her and the ruckus and wrastling made him drop her (and I think she was heavier than he thought and he not as coordinated as he thought) and I had to bury her. It was really horrible. I don't let the girls out when I'm not there. This summer I'll be building an aviary with a net over it so that if I'm home, but just not standing right there, they can be out but can't get dive bombed from above.
i heard crows and blue jays keep the hawks away....maybe thats why the crows were going get rid of that hawk!!!
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I tolerate the crows for their ability to annoy the heck out of the hawks,but I will scare them away if they are roosting over my house and kawing(sp?) all day.
How sad. I know just what you mean. I have been having lots of hawk trouble myself. He is picking off my chickens one by one and today he got my prized little bantam rooster. He was so tame he would come to you as if he were a dog.
I loved him so much. If it isn't the hawks it is a snake eating my babies. I am so flustrated. Someone told me to put up a scarecrow to keep the hawks away. Haha... I put up 3. One standing holding a rake, two sitting in chairs like they are talking... THAT DID NOT HELP!! I suppose hawks are smarter than we thought. I hope you figure out how to keep the hawks away. Right now I have free roam chickens but looks like they are going to have to be put in a pen. That just don't seem right.... but until I can figure out the hawk problem.... Thats how it has to be

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