REDS REDS and REDS (whats the diff?)


10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
Hollister, CA (Nor Cal)
I have one chicken that looks like the following (and possibly more)

New Hampshire Red
Production Reds
Red Star
Red Sexlinks

Whats the difference or are these all just different names for the same thing? How can I tell what I have if they all look the same to me? She was adopted.

Thanks Chicken Gurus;)

New Hampshire Red: an official breed with specific defined standards

Production Reds: either an NHR or RIR bred to maximize egg production, not to conform to the breed standard

Red Star: a brand of red sex-links

Red Sexlinks: a cross using a silver female with a gold male that will create gold/red pullets and white cockerels

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