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8 Years
Mar 9, 2011
Hello, everyone! I'm a teen wanting to raise ducks for the first time. I've raised chickens before, but never ducks, and I have no clue what to do.
I know that all of my questions on raising ducks can't be answered here, so does anyone know of a good website or book for all of this information?

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Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks is very informative. There are a number of websites. I purchased my ducks through Metzer in CA, they have alot of info on their website. Be prepared for ALOT more work with the ducklings than the chicks. They are absolute SLOBS. You will be changing their brooder at least 2X daily due to water and poop EVERYWHERE. I almost gave up but the 3 months of work was worth it. I had always read that ducks were easier than chickens but I disagree. I have to completely change all water bins daily with the ducks but can refill the chickens every 3-5 days as needed. Also there run gets disgusting. Very wet poop. Whereas the chickens run is dry. Good luck. I have runners and they are hilarious.
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Haha, thanks, I didn't know that about ducklings
They sure are cute for the mess they make. xD I'm starting to think it would be a better idea, then, to get adults, since the places to put a brooder are limited, not to mention that whatever mess that happens has to be completely contained to the brooder and coop.

...In fact, I may consider switching plans to chickens in that case...

Anyway, thinking out loud. Ignore me.

Thanks for the tips!

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