refrigerate apple cider vinegar?

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    Below is the recipe for Apple Cider Vinegar provided by DrakeMaiden:

    For those who may be interested, it is really easy to make your own vinegar.

    1. Buy unfiltered, unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar (w/ "mother")

    2. Get some fresh or frozen apple juice (you could also use other fruit juices, but then it wouldn't be ACV!) -- make sure it has no added chemicals (some can inhibit vinegar formation).

    3. Combine the store-bought ACV with your juice in a large glass jar or stoneware crock -- don't use metal and avoid plastic. Mix well with a non-reactive spoon (or just swirl the jar around).

    4. Cover with cheesecloth or similar fabric -- I use a somewhat porous dish towel. You want to keep bugs, dust, etc. out but let air in.

    5. Set in a mildly warm (60-80 degrees F), dark place for weeks.

    6. Taste it to check on strength, until you feel it is done.

    Then you can filter it and keep it in a jar . . . I think you might want to refrig it just to be safe...

    My question is do you need to refrigerate the organic ACV? Either home brew or store bought? My store bought doesn't say anything on the bottle about refrigerating it. Can it go bad?

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    Quote:Good question... I'm interested to here the answer to your question too.
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    I use ACV for a mixture to drink hot once in awhile. I keep it in the cabinet next to the white vinegar no problem.

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