Refrigerated egg still develops even after a week in the cooler


Dec 27, 2020
One of my hens went broody without any eggs on her nest and I felt bad so I gave her two of her eggs that I had collected and started refrigerating a week prior and believe it or not one of the two looks like it's actually developing! It's got veins and even a small embryo moving around inside of it. And if that isn't a miracle I don't know what is!!

There won't be anything wrong with the refrigerated chicks will there?
The chicks should be fine. There are many instances on site about folks hatching commercially produced refrigerated eggs.
I've actually always wanted to try hatching a commercial egg but where I live there are only caged hens so there's no way they'd be fertile
This was from they day I posted the tread, after day three or four I won't handle the eggs anymore and leave it all up to Mama


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