Refrigerated eggs on day 4....

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    ALL HAVE VEINS!!!! My daughter was collecting eggs from our only bantam mottled cochin hen to incubate. She lays about 5 out of 7 days per week, so Robin was keeping them on the kitchen counter in a carton. When I went to pick them up 4 days ago, they were in the refrigerator. I freaked, of course!! Her grandmother thought she had left them out accidentally and had put them in the refrigerator 2 days prior. Robin was away for Army Reserve drill and wasn't there to rescue them...[​IMG]

    I figured...what the he$$...and I took them home and put them in the incubator, along with a fresh one from that day.

    I candled them today on day 4 and they are ALL developing!!!

    I'm so excited. Hopefully most of the 5 will make it to "full-term"!! I'll keep you posted....
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    Good luck!!

    I have read on here some other people had successfully hatched refridgerated eggs.
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