Reginald without his rump


8 Years
Nov 6, 2012

This is Reginald the Rooster. I got Reginald as a baby chick from M.M. hatchery last year in one of their straight run assortments. He's relatively calm when compared to my other roosters, and has a unique crow which sounds more like deer grunting on a single exhale rather than the multi-stage and multi-tone crows from my other roos. Unfortunately last week week some irresponsible dog owner either let out or dumped out two aggresive dogs that went down our road killing multiple outdoor pets from several people in my neighborhood. Unfortunately, that included 3 of my free range chickens. One barred rock rooster and two white rock hens. :( The dogs were attacking Reggie when i chased them away. They tried to kill him but only managed to rip out his tail feathers.

Thankfully he survived but his "nudity" seems to have hurt his self esteem and i haven't heard him crow since.

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