Registered vs. pedigreed rabbits? Is there a difference?


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I know a small time breeder that has a herd (I think thats what you call a group of rabbits?) of Netherland dwarf and holland lop But anyway ,back to topic.
I have told her that I would like to start raising rabbits for shows.I have read many books and all have seemed to say to breed only pedigreed rabbit,never rabbits that are mixed bred or without "papers"-this is how I`ll refer the pedigree or/and the registered rabbts.
I wanted to find out what I need to get when I actually buy my breeding stock to produce rabbits that will have "papers" instead of selling babies that will not have "papers".
I am so confused!
Please explain this and if you register and/or pedigree on your rabbits please explain the significance of these.

Here`s a plain question to make my question a little easier to understand;

What is the purpose for a pedigree and what is the purpose for a registered rabbit?

I want to find out the real meaning in the "world of show biz" for rabbits.
I have pure bred rabbits and none of them are registered.The pedigree is how you tell what line the rabbit came from and if it is a pure bred or not. It is not like being registered. All that is required to register your rabbit is a pedigree, $6, and a registrar to check your rabbit out. As far as I know, the only reason I know of to register a rabbit would be for selling any offspring and for sweepstakes and things like that. It is also filed at the ARBA headquarters.
Most of the breeders I know don't have any rabbits registered.
Pretty much what Georgia Rose said.

A pedigree is simply a piece of paper that has the three prior generations of the rabbit's family listed: parents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents. A pedigree from a good, honest breeder can be very worthwhile, as it will list the colors, weights, wins, and Grand Champion and Registration number of any of the rabbits in the background that had them. Very handy info! But it's just a sheet of paper, and they can be easy to fake.

In order to have your rabbit registered, you have to bring the rabbit you're registering to be examined by an ARBA licensed Registrar. The registrar will examine your rabbit and be sure it fits the breed standard. If everything checks out and you have a completed 3-generation pedigree (and $6) you can register your rabbit. Registration indicates a certain level of quality. Any rabbit can have a pedigree, either real or made up, but a certificate of Registration proves that your rabbit at least meets the minimum standards for their breed.

Having said that, it's been forever since I've registered any of mine. I need to get back into the habit.
I have pedigreed and registered rabbits.
a pedigree is a piece of paper tracking the linage back a minmum of 3,4 or 6 generations.
this way you know whats behind the color of the rabbit you have.
say you have a blue, in the back ground you would like to know there was an Opal, Blue , Black, Agouti.
that way you would know to breed agouti to the blue to get more blue and agouti. or you breed a blue to an opal and get blues and opal.
not knowing what is behind each color its always a crap shoot as to what you get untill the fur out and show you what the color will be.

Now as for registered.,
all animals to be registered must have a 3 generation or more pedigree. 3 generations is sufficient to register as long as all the information on the parents grand parents and great grand parents are included onthe pedigree, or if one or both parents are registered then not needed, all needed will be the registration numbers of the parents.
I register my rabbits because the are Grand Champions. especially my heritage breed rabbits,
To grand out the rabbit must have taken either a Best Of Breed or a Best Opposite of Breed, or First place in its class with 5 or more animals and 3 or more breeders.

Its neither mandatory nor necessary to have a pedigree for pet rabbits. but if you would like to show and sell show stock its best to have a pedigree as most breeders show persons will want one.
Great information!
Thanks for clearing that up!

Now I have another question,

My friend who has the rabbits, has no idea of how to give me copies of the pedigree for the rabbits that I buy.

For example;for dogs in the AKC, I believe the breeders have to register the litter of puppies to the AKC.Then it is their new owners or somethimes the breeders themselves retreive the papers that make them so valuable.

Now for rabbits,will my friend have to register her litter (with the ARBA) and the ARBA will send her seperate pedigrees for each of the kits in the litter ?

Is this how it works? Or will she just write down the information of the doe and the buck on a seperate sheet including the 3 generation pedigree that is needed to register the rabbits?

Is a pedigree an "official looking piece of paper"?

I believe a few of you mentioned that it could be a fake

I am a complete dummy on this and I really dont know how to go about with this.
To summarize what I am trying to say is:

I am going to get a pedigree for each of the rabbits that I buy from her. Now,as a buyer,

What should I recieve from the breeder and where should she get it?
I believe she will only give pedigrees to the certain ones that I decide to get.

Could I just get a copy of the parents pedigree and get the pedigree myself from the ARBA? Does the breeder only have the complete power to get pedigrees for the kits?

Thanks for any advice and explaination that you may have!
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You don't get a pedigree from the ARBA-just the breeder. It should be "official looking" but can be hand written on a pedigree form which she can even get on the web for free like here . I suggest if you are planning to breed good stock and show them that you research your breed and get a Standard of Perfection book from the ARBA.
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Didn`t know it was as simple as this!
Thanks for the information!

So when I get the pedigree,the info that should be filled out are;

Dam and sire

Is this true for only the kits that I purchase?

Then it should include all the other info from the past generations including ;

Reg no.
G/C No.
Ear no.
If I am right ,these last 4 that I mentioned are only on some of the pedigrees....ex, REG NO.. is available only if the rabbit was registered; Winnings only if the rabbit has won anything;EAR NO. only if it has an ear number and lastly ...What is G/C No.?

Please confirm this if anyone can! Thank you..
G/C is if the rabbit is Grand Championed from winning a certain amount of "legs" toward that. A "leg" is simply a winning of class or variety or show.

Pretty much what everyone else said. A Pedigree is the sire and dam reports from the breeder and how you know what is behind the rabbit you purchase. In my case I work with Cavies - or guinea pigs. We are under the ARBA as well. Also be sure the keep weight records on your rabbits for your pedigrees. A pedigree must be complete and 4 generations (I think maybe it is only 3) filled out with all that info as well. Not sure of rabbits, but all cavies must be the same breed in the pedigree. Then you can register it if you desire.

Here is a link to the pedigree program most people I know use for both rabbits and cavies. I love this program for us.

Your best bet is to go to a show or two and talk with breeders. Get to see the rabbits up close. And of course visit any venders at the shows and pick up a copy of the Standard of Perfection from the ARBA.

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